The direct-to-consumer model has become widely successful, from contact lenses to custom clothing. Now it’s becoming popular with teeth, most notably US-based companies like SmileDirectClub. At xixilab, we believe that teeth straightening with invisible braces shouldn’t have to cost 60,000 RMB, so we’ve brought this popular model to China.

With so many companies promising straighter teeth in just a few easy steps, it’s hard to sort the facts from the fiction. Some think it’s all a scam, that there’s no way teeth alignment is that cheap without some sort of catch. Others think it’s ineffective, that you need the traditional clinic experience in order to achieve your smile goals. This isn’t true at all!

Let’s look at 3 misconceptions that people often have about buying aligners online.

Myth #1: It’s cheap because it’s a scam

Online aligners are cheaper than traditional braces or aligners done in the clinic because you aren’t getting the markups and extra fees associated with clinic services. Most clinics bump up the price on aligners in order to make sure they too make a profit. Online aligners cut out the clinic middleman for purchasing aligners, so you get a price that is definitely worth smiling about.

xixilab takes it a step further than other brands by minimizing clinic visits while making sure that the quality of your care is never sacrificed. This is done through our work with our international medical team who are available to you 7 days a week. Our orthodontists will review your case before we accept it. You also review your treatment plan before you begin so you know what to expect.

Myth #2: So if I’m not going to a clinic monthly then it’s DIY and there are no dentists involved

            Despite the fact that you order aligners online, online aligner brands still require a clinic visit for an oral exam before you use your aligners and during their use as well.

xixilab streamlines this by working with a team of international medical professionals that are available 7 days a week through phone or WeChat. This way, you can get help with or answers about your aligners without the wait and price of a clinic visit. We also provide the necessary tools in your ALIGN kit to make check-ins with our medical team even easier.

Myth #3: xixilab is a relatively new company so the products must be untested

           While online aligners are sold by xixilab directly, the aligners must follow strict regulations in order to be certified by national agencies. This means that the aligners are approved for use and are indeed safe.

xixilab ensures it meets international standards: the xixilab ALIGN process is approved by the CFDA, while the aligners themselves are approved by the FDA. xixilab also works with a dental technology lab with decades of experience and several partner clinics to make sure your aligners are the safest on the market. We also use top-quality medical grade plastic from Germany or the USA in each of our aligners. All of this combined makes for safe, affordable, and effective aligners.

Take our free online smile assessment today to see if you qualify for xixilab ALIGN and start your smile journey today!

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