Giving You A Reason to “xixi”

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Our mission at xixilab is to help you get the confident smile that you’ve always wanted at an affordable price. Harnessing advanced dental technology, xixilab’s clear aligners are your solution to having a radiant smile. We have an international team of dental experts that are committed to bring you the smile you deserve.

“xixi” in Chinese means smile 

xixilab is a clear alternative to expensive dental braces and teeth aligners. Our clear aligners cut down on unnecessary costs without compromising on quality. Most importantly, people find it useful! We are changing the dental game – one smile at a time.

How much do xixilab aligners cost?

You can start your xixilab journey at an all-inclusive cost of 18,000 RMB!

We are 70% cheaper than other teeth alignment options. We bring you a great smile at an affordable price without compromising on quality and customer service. Our comprehensive treatment will make sure that you are on the right track to achieving a winning smile.

The best solution to align your smile

Our clear aligners let you experience as much comfort as possible. You can eat and drink anything without restrictions. Just remember to remove them before you do so! They are invisible, so people won’t notice you wearing them! Don’t worry about your teeth so you can smile more!

Our xixilab aligners were made for a busy lifestyle. While we are dedicated to the highest healthcare standards, we want to make our treatments easy. That’s why we will check in throughout your treatment to see how the aligning process is going and monitor your progress. We have a dedicated support system and a community of dental experts that are ready whenever you need them.

Please note that to qualify for our aligners, you must have good oral hygiene. Find whether you qualify by doing an oral assessment with us today.

The team behind your smile 

Our international team is made up of dental experts and experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to improving oral health and providing straighter teeth in China. We founded xixilab because we believe that having a great smile should be affordable.

Find out if you are a candidate today!

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