Get ready for the summer with xixilab

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Summer is just round the corner and it’s the favourite season for everyone. It’s a good time to get into shape, and be at your best form. A perfect body requires a lot of time and effort, so does a perfect smile. With xixilab, getting a perfect smile is easier and faster! Take it as a perfect excuse to improve yourself.

We get your teeth aligned within 6-12 months on average. We gently move your teeth back into right place with invisible aligners, cutting out all the unnecessary appointments to the dentist. We provide online customer service and get your teeth aligned in no time. By the time the next summer comes around, you will be able to enjoy the sun and fun with a beautiful and radiant smile!

You only need 3 steps to get your teeth aligned!

1. Contact our oral health consultant on wechat: xixilab_smile and provide photos of your teeth

2. Check the condition of your teeth and get your Smile Enhancement Plan

3. Your custom-made aligners will be sent to your home

Bonus advantage: Your family and friends will not know 

The best part about having the aligners on is that no one will ever notice them, unless you let them in on your little secret. Go out there and attend all the summer parties, go on vacation, have lots of fun and don’t forget to show off your smile. No one will notice that the aligners are at work for you.

Don’t wait any further. Schedule an appointment with us today to get your teeth in shape for the summer, reach out to our oral health consultant to find out more!

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