Enhance Your Self-Confidence with Whiter Teeth for Date Night

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It’s Friday night in the bustling city of Shanghai and you’re going out with your date for the night. Giving roses and chocolates might sweeten the date, but nothing sparks romance like a confident, white smile across your face. Get ready for your date with these following tips:

Have a good posture 

Nothing projects confidence like a good posture. According to a study from Ohio State University, having a good posture gives you more confidence in your own thoughts. Having a better posture projects more positive and confident vibes. For a confidence boost during your date, stand a little taller to make yourself look more confident and attractive.


Love yourself, it is so important. Taking good care of yourself can lower stress and increase your self-confidence. Set some time to take care of yourself. Sign up for a crossfit session, go for a baking class or take part in a workshop. There are many ways that you can love yourself and to make yourself feel better.

Decide on your best outfit

Your dressing sense plays a very important role in displaying confidence. When you wear an outfit you love, you will naturally radiate confidence. Choose a great look that you are comfortable with and hit it with the best version of yourself.


Whiten your teeth 

Use xixilab WHITE to whiten your teeth and be date ready anytime! It only takes 2 weeks to complete the home kit. We don’t have data to support this but in our experience white teeth lead to more 2nd dates!


Most importantly, smile! 

Keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth every day to maintain that great smile. And there you have it!  Smiling improves your mood and the mood of other around you. Be yourself and let your confidence will radiate throughout the room! It will be infectious and boost your positive image for the night.

With xixilab WHITE, we give you the smile you need to ace your Friday night! We have heard you and we’re giving it to you at 388 RMB. We understand your frustrations when you have to go to the dentist and end up paying 10 times more. Also, we will throw in a really sweet deal for you! Since we like you so much, we will give you 50 RMB off your whitening kit if you like our Facebook page and share this article on Facebook.

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