5 Ways To Avoid Getting Red Wine Teeth

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Whenever we drink red wine, discoloration of our teeth is inevitable. We end up getting red wine stains and we don’t really know what to do with it. Well, fret not because there are some ways to prevent your teeth from getting discolored!

Brush your teeth before drinking (not just after drinking)
Red wine stains like to cling to the plaque of your teeth. You want to make sure your teeth are clean and consider brushing your teeth one hour before drinking. By giving your teeth a thorough clean, it minimizes your chances of staining.

Eating high fiber food

Foods with high fiber content such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and potatoes can help to produce more saliva and scrub away the stains as you chew.

Drink sparkling water

If you want to take a photo at the party, remember to drink some sparkling water first! Swish it around your mouth and allow the bubbles to rinse off the stains on your teeth.

Eat Your Way To Stronger Teeth

Eating cheese or high-protein foods while drinking red wine will enhance the calcium of the teeth. Foods rich in calcium, like milk and cheese, along with leafy greens and seafood help to strengthen the enamel.

Use xixilab WHITE home kit

For those who love to drink red wine, some staining is inevitable. Luckily there is a way to improve the color! xixilab white can make your teeth whiter and brighter in 2 weeks.

The kit includes a whitening gel (<18% carbamide peroxide), a booster light (LED light), desensitizing gel (5% potassium nitrate) and weekly maintenance gel (6% peroxide). When applied to teeth, the carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydroxyl ions, which does the bleaching by reacting with existing stains on the tooth surface as well as within the dentinal tubules, changing their chemical structure so that they are no longer discolored.

xixilab WHITE is safe and effective with FDA certification.

How do I use xixilab white?

Prepare: Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth! Remember: Don’t floss and make sure you dry them. If your teeth is sensitive, you can apply desensitizing gel while you do so.

Paint It On
It’s time to color it over! Apply a later of whitening gel to your teeth. Apply the gel onto front top and bottom teeth in a circular motion, approximately 1mm. Make sure you avoid touching your gums or the inside of your lips with the whitening gel.

Light It Up
Plug it in and light it up! Insert booster light into your mouth and plug it into your phone, computer or portable battery. The light will automatically turn off after 16 minutes. Repeat twice a day for 2 weeks. Stay the course and you will find yourself with a confident smile that you can be proud of!

Show off those “pearly whites” – a confident smile makes the best first impression!

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