Everyone knows that clear aligners are the new, convenient way to straighten your teeth and achieve your dream smile. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are more benefits to using clear aligners than just aligning your teeth.


Here are 5 added benefits of using clear aligners!

1) Helps stop nail biting

People using clear aligners found themselves biting their nails less! This is because clear aligners are not designed for biting. They wrap around the front and back of teeth, making biting difficult. This is also why it is suggested that people remove their aligners before meals.





2) Helps improve dental hygiene

It is recommended that customers floss and brush well after each meal and before putting their aligners back on. This means that people using clear aligners find themselves caring more for their teeth since they have to clean them after every meal. Also, having a nicer smile makes people want to take better care of it, improving dental hygiene further.




3) Helps curb snacking

Throughout the day, people are frequently snacking. Having to first remove their aligners, then brush and floss after eating, and then put their aligners back on every single time means that people using clear aligners always think twice before snacking.







4) Helps with weight loss

As mentioned above, wearing clear aligners help stop people from snacking so much, which in turn leads to people consuming fewer calories. Consuming fewer calories, in turn, helps them lose weight.






5) Helps with quitting smoking

Just like with eating, people using clear aligners have to remove them to smoke and brush and floss before putting them back on. These extra steps make smokers aware of just how often they smoke and helps them to quit so they can avoid the extra work.





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